During labor we support you together with a maternity nurse. This support is different for each woman. We will discuss your wishes during the pregnancy, using a birth plan. The birth plan is a guide to your childbirth.  Of course, you cannot predict how the childbirth will take place exactly, but we try to consider your wishes as much as possible.

During labor, our midwives are always close. It is possible that we are sitting next to you, or are in another room. Some women like to be alone with their partner, in that case we retreat. But you can call us at all times and we will be back within 15 minutes if you need us.

When complications occur during labor, we will guide you to the hospital. For legal reasons you use on your own transport and the midwife drives to the hospital in her own car. So, make sure you have your own transport, or call a taxi. In hospital, care is transferred to the gynecologist or obstetrician of the hospital. They are then responsible for the care of you and your child. Depending on the situation and your wishes, we will stay with you or leave.

It is important to know that during your childbirth you can always count on our midwives and discuss your wishes with us.