Coaching by IIK!

Coaching in pregnancy and young parenthood


When you are pregnant a lot is changing. Your body changing and a baby is growing in your belly. It can be a period which can have a lot of influence on your mind and soul.

Sometimes things don’t go the way you had in mind and becoming pregnant or being pregnant, giving birth and becoming a mom (unexpectedly) can ask a lot of you. Do you experience during your pregnancy, for example after a stress miscarriage of you, fear of sadness during your pregnancy of pregnancy, before your pregnancy

There are reasons imaginable causing you to bring balance. Sometimes you have to make decisions about how you want to start your life differently.
But also in young parenthood, coaching can sometimes be just that little bit of extra support, to give space to the impact on your capacity.

Moms are naturally quite caring and especially in today’s society a lot is asked of moms. Sometimes it is difficult to keep all the balls high and to distribute energy well. Does motherhood overtake you, is it not going as you had in mind, do you miss the balance in your new life as a mom or are you looking for a listening ear, someone who helps you to oversee the situation so that you can move on?

Coaching can help you create a better balance between your work, your family life and your personal development. You gain insight into the different roles and what gives you insight into different energy costs.

Coaching is a short-term, practical form of support through conversations, exercises and assignments and is certainly not therapy. Do you run into things, but is the step to a psychologist too big for you? Then together we can look at what low-threshold conversations are for you. For more information and/or to register without obligation you can call us at 073-2090999.

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