Nadia van Lanen, lactation consultant at Vita Nova, takes care of all (extraordinary) breastfeeding-related questions and problems.

“Breastfeeding is the ultimate superfood”

This was one of the first rules I read when I started my lactation consultant training. And it’s true, breastfeeding is a wonderful ‘good thing’ that a woman’s body can make to grow a baby.

As a woman, breastfeeding your baby is a great experience to share with your baby, in addition to all the nutrients and immune substances you provide. In many cases, breastfeeding naturally goes well. But breastfeeding can also pose challenges. And that is why I have started to delve more into this in recent years and to follow the training to become a lactation consultant. I hope to help parents and their baby with these challenges and to turn breastfeeding into something nice (again).

As a lactation consultant I like to inform and guide parents about breastfeeding. It has been proven that good information increases the chance of breastfeeding success.

I have been providing breastfeeding courses at Vita Nova since 2019, where I find it important to provide you with a basis of knowledge and skills.

If during the maternity week, or the period afterwards, challenges arise with breastfeeding, I would be happy to visit you to take a look with you and find a solution that suits you.

During your pregnancy you can prepare for the food you want to give your baby. Find out about the choice you make, whether you breastfeed or formula feed, or a combination of both. Above all, make a choice that suits you. Would you like support with this choice? Even then you are very welcome for a consultation to discuss this with each other.