Financial guide

0 – 3 months pregnant

  • Do you want to work less after giving birth? Then you can use parental leave.
  • You are entitled to parental leave of 26 times the number of hours you work per week. When you take leave, you can pay. But keep in mind that your right to parental leave expires as soon as your child becomes.
  • Parental leave is a statutory right. Consider your employment agreement for special arrangements. Sometimes you continue to get paid in part.
  • Also check what the arrangements are regarding superannuation if you or your partner take leave.

• Your income will drop if you work less. Instead, you will receive child benefit. The amount depends on the age of the child. For children from 0 to 5 years, you will receive €224,87 per quarter in 2022. For all amounts, check the Social Insurance Bank (Sociale Verzekeringsbank) site.

• You will receive an automatic message from the Social Insurance Bank. This happens 2 to 4 weeks after you’ve registered your child’s birth.

• Do you receive a rental or healthcare allowance (huur-/zorgtoeslag)? Then you may be entitled to child-bound budget. The child-bound budget is a monthly supplement to the child benefit.

• On the Tax Administration (Belastingdienst) website you can calculate whether you are entitled to the child-bound budget.

• The Social Insurance Bank requests the child-bound budget for you.

• Visit several day care centers / host parents so you can find a place where you would feel comfortable leaving your child. It is very important that the place gives you a good feeling.

• Consider how many hours of day care per week you need. For 1 day of day care you usually pay 10 hours. Half-days are also possible.

• What is the hourly rate charged by the day care center?

• The cost of day care can ramp up rapidly. The day care allowance compensates a portion of these costs.

• How much day care allowance will you receive? That depends on the number of hours your child is at day care. And on your income. You can calculate the allowance on

• You can save money by switching to a different health insurance. Please keep an eye on whether you are still insured for what you consider important. Changing insurance can be done on January 1st.

• For example, when choosing an insurance, consider the coverage of additional maternity care and an outpatient hospital delivery. It is also advisable to check the level of your personal contribution/excess.

3-6 months pregnant

• Report to your health insurer that you are pregnant.

• Maternity care is reimbursed by your basic insurance. Depending on your insurance, there may be an excess.

• You can request a birth kit with your health insurance. The kit contains the items needed for delivery and for the postpartum period. For example, an umbilical cord clamp, dressing pads and suture kit.

• Sometimes the birth kit is free, sometimes you have to pay for the birth kit. That depends on your policy and your insurance company. If you have to pay for it, it may be cheaper to buy a birth kit at a drugstore or put one together yourself.

• If the due date has been determined, you will receive a statement of pregnancy from our assistant. This statement is required by your employer.

• You are entitled to 6 weeks of maternity leave and at least 10 weeks of delivery leave. You can take delivery leave in parts.

• You can choose to take leave 4 or 6 weeks before delivery, depending that choice, you will have the right to 10 or 12 weeks of leave after delivery.

• In your employment agreement and conditions, you will find exactly what you are entitled to.

• Do you want to stay home longer? Then ask your employer if you can buy extra days off.

• Are you self-employed? Then you may be entitled to a ZEZ benefit. You can apply for this maternity allowance for self-employed persons at the UWV.

Not married? Then the father must acknowledge the unborn child. For this, you can make an appointment online at the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Note that the mother must be present at this appointment.

• If you buy all required baby items new, costs can quickly ramp up to around € 3500.

• Take about € 300 into account for baby clothes and items for the first months.

• There are a lot of items you will only need temporarily. Check out Marktplaats or Borrowing is also a great alternative!

• On the Nibud site you will read all about the costs involved with a baby.

6-9 months pregnant

Baby cards are often more expensive than you’d think. 100 cards cost on average about € 400.

      • How many tickets do you think you need? Often people order too many tickets. So count carefully.
      • How many cards do you think you’ll need? People often order too many, so calculate how many you will need before you place an order.

• It’s perfectly doable to take your baby on a vacation. But many people choose to take a final holiday with just the two of them.

• If you go by plane, ask one of our assistants for a “Fit to Fly” statement before flying. Airlines may request this.

• Note: after 35 weeks of pregnancy you should not fly anymore. In advance, check with the airline what the policy is, as some airlines have a different limit.

• Check your travel insurance policy. With which health complaints can you cancel the trip?

• Would you like to throw one big baby part on a different location? It will cost you, on average, € 15 per person. You can also throw a party at home.
• Think about a wish list and ask for useful items. On you can share your wish list with friends and family.


• You must report the birth of your child within 3 working days. If you do not do this in time, you will be penalized for a few hundred euros.

• For the declaration, you must make an appointment online at the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

• Are you married or in a registered partnership? Then the other parent does not have to acknowledge the child separately. In all other cases, this is necessary. At the birth declaration, the other parent can still acknowledge the child.

• After birth, you must register your baby with your health insurance.

• Good to know: A child is insured free of charge up to 18 years.

You probably have more insurance. For example, liability insurance. And maybe travel insurance and funeral insurance. Contact your insurer to register your child. If you don’t do this, your child is not insured.

You will automatically receive child benefit. You do not need to do anything. Within 2 to 4 weeks after the birth has been registered, you will receive a message from the Social Insurance Bank.

Be careful with requesting day care allowance. You must apply within 3 months after your child goes to day care for the first time. If you wait too long, you might miss out on this allowance.

• Apply for day care allowance at the Tax Administration.

• You can receive day care allowance for up to 230 hours per month.

• The allowance will always be paid at the end of the month, around the 20th.

• We’d rather avoid thinking of it, but what if you or your partner suddenly become incapable of caring for your children? Who will care for your child? It’s good to think about that now.
• A guardian will take care of your child. Read what to keep in mind when choosing a guardian here.

• Who inherits what when you die? This can be recorded in a will.

• Did you decide who will be your child’s guardian? This can also be recorded in your will.

• A notary can draw up your will.

Suppose you or your partner dies. You wouldn’t want your family to be left wanting. They need to be able to continue living in the same house, and day care and education shouldn’t be jeopardized. With a life insurance you give your family that assurance.

• You can take a life insurance for just a few euros a month.

Are you an entrepreneur or are you self-employed? Then it’s good to think about what happens if you can’t work due to an accident or illness. With a disability insurance you are insured for income.