What do we do after delivery?

After childbirth, our obstetricians regularly visit your home for checkups. Together with you and the maternity nurse we discuss certain subjects, such as breastfeeding, the baby’s temperature, urine and stool of mother and child, possibly check your sutures, etc. If you have any problems with your child or yourself, please contact us at this phone number: 06 53 202 915. Don’t contact the GP, as they will only resume care after maternity care has been completed, usually about nine to ten days after childbirth.

If you come home from a hospital delivery, you may call the attending midwife the same day to plan your maternity care. You must also inform maternity care that you have delivered your baby so that they can call a maternity nurse timely.

The postpartum period is an important time in which to restore after pregnancy and childbirth. It can also be quite rough due to pain caused by sutures. Fatigue can play a major role, especially when breastfeeding does not come easy yet and requires a lot of energy. We advise you to rest a lot (also important for the other parent). For example, you could mention the rest times on the baby cards card (for example, mother and child rest between 12:00 and 15:00 and after 22:00).

After the postpartum period ends, we will transfer your baby to the consultation office. They monitor the growth and development of your child and organize the vaccinations.

Six weeks after delivery you can make an appointment for a final checkup at our practice. You can call our assistants and you will receive an email to confirm.