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Postpartum plan

The postpartum plan is the third and final part of your pregnancy healthcare plan.

A postpartum plan is a communication tool, a wish list and a reflection of your personal expectations about your postpartum period. Writing this document triggers and invites you and your partner to consider what’s important to you regarding your postpartum period. It is good to realise that at any moment in time you can deviate from this plan, because changing insights or circumstances can make you change your mind.


In this document in particular you will write down your personal wishes, needs and goals considering your postpartum period. The postpartum period is a special and intensive time, it’s important to think about your expectations to yourself, your partner and people around you, on forehand.

This period will be about learning, experiencing and feeling.  Things we consider as normal as adults, such as taking a shower, getting dressed and eating, are a whole new experience for a newborn baby. Also for you as parents. You will experience some moments as very easy and others will cost you a lot of energy. How are you going to divide your attention when you already have a child? And what are expectations towards people visiting you?

The postpartum plan can help you get and give more clarity, so you can experience a postpartum period that suits you.

Feel free to write down your personal expectations and goals. We don’t know if everything is possible but we will listen carefully to your needs in this.

Maternity nurse

During the first week postpartum you’ll get help from a maternitynurse. She will help you to get familiar with taking care of your baby and she will monitor your recovery and the growth and development of your baby.

The midwife

In agreement with you the midwifes from Vita Nova will come by your house two to three times in the first week postpartum. In addition to that we keep in touch by calling a few times. If necessary, it is always possible to expand the number of visits.

Think about your pelvic floor, your own nutrition, mental health and emotions or contraception.

Your needs regarding communication

Points of interest

Your babys nutrition

It is important to think about the kind of nutrition you want to give to your baby, prior to the delivery. Here you can write down what’s important to you.