Fortunately, losing a tooth during pregnancy is superstition. However, pregnancy does cause more gum infections. The offender is plaque. Due to an increased hormone level, your gums can react more strongly to dental plaque. This makes it bleed more easily, and causes it to swell and be more sensitive. For example, if you pay less attention to dental care and, eat more sweets due to your pregnancy, the risk of getting cavities increases.

Some women are so sick during pregnancy that they have to vomit regularly. The temptation is great to immediately brush your teeth afterwards to get rid of that nasty taste in your mouth. However, you should avoid doing that as stomach acid actually affects the enamel on the teeth. If you brush your teeth right after vomiting, you brush away the enamel. Instead of brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth with water or a mouthwash.

With proper dental care, your teeth do not have to suffer during pregnancy. Actually, it’s a matter of careful brushing, twice a day. Don’t avoid brushing bleeding (inflamed) gums. If you’re nauseated, don’t avoid brushing the back molars. You have to keep these parts of your mouth particularly clean. Don’t consume to many sweet goods and sugary drinks. If necessary, give your dentist or dental hygienist an extra visit during pregnancy.

Tell your dentist or dental hygienist that you are pregnant before the exam. Dental X-rays can be made. Sometimes more serious dental treatments are postponed until after delivery, but most treatments can be performed without risk during pregnancy, even with anesthesia.