Hard bellies

Hard bellies are caused by contractions of the uterus. We also call this practice contractions. In the last weeks of pregnancy, the uterus is preparing for childbirth and it is normal for you to have a hard belly more often. You can also get a hard belly when busy or stressed. This is because the uterus is attached to the pelvic bone with ligaments. When you are busy or experiencing stress, these strains will put additional pressure on the uterus, causing the uterus to become hard. A full bladder, bending over, movements of the baby or making love can cause a hard belly. Hard bellies are a normal phenomenon during pregnancy. However, be careful when you get a hard belly more often or regularly. Check if you may have been too busy or experiencing a lot of stress. Listen to your body and rest! If the hard bellies return frequently after the 37th week of pregnancy (for example every seven minutes) and / or are painful, you should always contact our practice immediately.