In 2022, the main coverage for pregnancy and childbirth is as follows:

  • coverage of medical care by GPs, medical specialists and midwives;
  • stay at the hospital *;
  • Many medicines (sometimes requires own contribution);
  • IVF up to three treatments;
  • medical ultrasounds;
  • maternity care;
  • hospital transport;
  • pelvic physiotherapy in case of urinary incontinence up to and including the 9th treatment.

* If you want to deliver your baby in hospital without a medical indication, you will have to make a personal contribution

The terms of your health insurance will state exactly what is covered and under what conditions. You can also check how often a treatment is being reimbursed and if you have to pay a contribution. Vita Nova advises you to read the policy terms so that you’re not surprised. Generally, all Birth Care falls within the basic insurance.

Pregnancy is not a reason to change policy. Change of health insurance can be done once a year: you must cancel your insurance before 31 December and apply for a new insurance before 1 February. However, the new health insurance will apply retroactively as of 1 January. Interim change can only be done if the policy conditions are changed in the meantime, in case of divorce or when you are not insured (for example, due to the abolishment of a collective policy). With some insurers (Delta Loyd, OHRA and FBTO) it is possible to increase your additional package during your pregnancy. This is called the “Meegroei” policy.