Maternity Care

Our obstetricians advise you to apply for maternity care before you’ve been pregnant for 16 weeks. Maternity care is the care of mother and child in the first week after birth. You’re insured for maternity, but you pay a personal contribution of € 4.70 per hour in 2022 for maternity care at home, or at a maternity / nursery center. If you get maternity care at the hospital due to medical need, you will not have to pay the personal contribution. Without medical indication you have to pay € 38 per hour. Vita Nova considers maternity care necessary for a good course of the first days after birth (think of breast / bottle feeding, medical checks and baby care tips). If you deliver by per cesarean section unexpectedly or by other medical procedures, the presence of maternity care may be a prerequisite for a smooth discharge from the hospital.

We have additional information on maternity care at the practice and we also advise you to visit the following sites:
This overview is not complete, click here for more maternity care organizations.

Signing up for maternity care is usually done through your health insurance. Always inform your insurance company that you are pregnant. They have a list of agencies they deal with. In case of a refund policy, you can choose the maternity center yourself. Please note that the costs may be higher.