Follow-up exams

After the first exam, regular exams follow. Our midwives will perform these tasks during each exam:

  • Measure blood pressure
  • Measure weight
  • Examine the abdomen externally to determine the growth of uterus and child;
  • Listen to the baby’s heart.

Ultrasound and blood test

In the first trimester, two ultrasounds will be made and a blood sample will be collected.

  • The ultrasound is important as it will indicate how far along you are, and prevents misunderstandings about the age of the fetus
  • The blood is tested for a number of components, such as, of course, blood group and rhesus factor. In addition, the blood will be tested for Hepatitis B, Lues (such as syphilis), HIV, iron and sugar. The two latter components are not dangerous in pregnancy, but levels may vary. The midwives will continue to analyze sugar and iron levels throughout the pregnancy.

Urine test

Urine is tested for proteins. If your blood pressure is too high, we will ask you to bring urine. The urine (up to four hours old) should be brought to the practice in a well-sealed jar (a so-called urine container is available at the drugstore).