* - Bevalling, kraamtijd en nacontrole

Nieuwe fase


It can take short or long, but after about nine months of pregnancy it is there: the delivery.

Every delivery is different; every women lives it in her own way. Although most deliveries follow the same steps. You can do many things to look towards the delivery with confidence. A good preparation is half the work.

Post partum period

The delivery is behind you. You and your baby now start the postpartum period. What to expect from this period? What check-ups will be done with you and your baby and which caregivers are involved? And what can you do to recover as good as possible?

The first 6 weeks after delivery are called the postpartum period and the first 8-10 days is the first week postpartum.
During this first week the heel prick screening and hearing screening of the baby will be done. Below you can read more about this.

Final check up

After about six weeks after your baby’s birth you can choose a final check-up by phone, digitally or at our practice with the midwife who guided your delivery. Together you will look back at your pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period. The midwife can also check how you are doing now, according to your needs.

During this final check-up it is also an option to discuss the possibilities of contraception.