wk 15 - Week 15

At about 15 weeks the baby in your belly is about 10cm long and weights about 70 grams. It now has a thin layer of hair all over the body. Is your belly already showing? During this check-up we will listen to the baby’s heartbeat for the first time!

To check you and your baby, we will perform a standard check-up during every visit. You can read about what this means, when you read the button ‘follow up exams’.

Are you fantasizing about whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl and do you want to know the gender? Good news: from next week, at about 16 weeks of pregnancy, it is possible to see the gender of the baby with an ultrasound. If you like, you can plan an appointment for an ultrasound to check the gender of your baby. Of course you can also wait till the 20 weeks ultrasound of wait for the surprise at the birth of your baby!

We advise to arrange maternity care (kraamzorg) before 15 weeks pregnancy.