wk 34 - Week 34

Preparing the post partum period

Between 6 to 4 weeks before your due date your maternity leave starts. When you choose 6 weeks, your maternity leave starts this week! Your baby is lowering in your pelvis and the uterus can react on this with irregular contractions. You can feel this as a hard belly or Braxton hicks contractions. This is normal, so no worries, and this doesn’t mean labor has started. Grant yourself enough relaxation and get your rest…

When you are stroking your bulging belly with a smile, try to imagine the postpartum period that is coming up. What are you expecting for the first week with your baby? What will a day with the baby look like? When do you need to call the midwife in the postpartum? We are happy to help you to form an image about this and to answer your questions about the postpartum period.