There will be a time when you decide (together) that you’re ready to have children, or that it’s time for a little brother or sister. This is a very exciting and special time and can possibly raise many questions for you and/or your partner.

Research has indicated how incredibly important the first few weeks of a pregnancy are. Many problems in a pregnancy, and possibly in the rest of the life of your child, can be traced back to when the embryo and placenta were in its earliest phases of development. Health can be greatly improved by preconception care. The conditions in which you’re conceiving can improve which will have a positive effect on the pregnancy, the delivery, and your and your baby’s child.

We’re happy to provide you with expert advise and gladly answer and questions regarding conceiving during our conception consultation hours.

General information is to be found on the website of the NHS, it’s important to realize that the NHS is a the British National Health Service, so some information on this website might not be some correct for the Dutch healthcare system. But it does contain plenty helpful information.