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Phone numbers

Phone numbers

Our midwives and assistants can be reached at all times, without the involvement
of “doktersdienst” or answering machines.

On Monday to Friday you can reach us by phone between 8AM and 5 PM. There is always a midwife available to answer any questions. This is also the phone number to use in case you want to cancel or move an appointment (please do so 24 hours in advance at the latest or we will charge for a consultation which cannot be claimed with your insurance). You can reach us at the phone number: 073 – 612 45 69

We also have an emergency phone number, available 24 hours per day. Do not text or send app messages to this phone number. In case of emergency, childbirth or severe stress, you can call: 06 – 53 20 29 15

Our service is 24 hours/day, but our evening, night and weekend shifts are exclusively for emergencies or births.

In case of no answer, please call: 073 – 553 20 20

This number is the phone number of the Jeroen Bosch Hospital. Tell the phone operator you need us and are trying to reach us but can’t.

In case you have given birth and are returning home from hospital, you can inform us the same day (after 9 AM), call: 06 – 53 20 29 15

We will make an appointment for your postpartum check-ups.