You do not have to eat for two during pregnancy. However, sometimes your hormones need more or different food (candy). Do not try to give in too much, because you have to carry the kilos you gain around, and it is desirable that you lose them again after pregnancy. Look for healthy snacks that can satisfy your hunger.

Avoid dieting during pregnancy (or while nursing). When you diet, your fat reserves are burned, which contain harmful substances that might damage the child. Dieting should be avoided at all cost.

How do you know if you’re at a healthy weight? To determine this, you can calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index). Take your weight before your pregnancy as a starting point. Using the BMI, you can determine how much you can gain during pregnancy:

BMI Gain allowed
<18,5 12 – 18 kg
18 – 25 11-15 kg
25 – 30 9-12 kg
30 – 35 5-9 kg

If you have any questions about your weight, you can discuss with our midwives. They will help you with (healthy) nutrition advice and can refer you to a dietician.