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Casemanager (CoZo)

The midwife whome you’re meeting during your first consultation, will be your casemanager (CoZo) at Vita Nova. Besides your CoZo the other colleagues of team Vita Nova will take care of you. They all have access to your full medical file at any time. You will have appointments with your CoZo on 3 fixed moments in the pregnancy to look back on the care that’s been given to you till that moment, the care that you are about to receive in the next trimester and to discuss your personal points of attention, needs and goals.

She’s also your first contact person for things you want to discuss in confidentiality.

She’s not accessible on a daily basis but you can always make an (telephonic) appointment with her on a short notice. If your casemanager isn’t available for a longer period of time, a colleague will perceive your care.